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For women: the speaker discuss P.M.S. and how its root causes.


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I found this article on Science Daily that says that social scientists are collecting a large body of evidence that we are evolving into a more cooperative and humane species. It is obvious now that it’s being mentioned; strategically, it makes perfect sense to cooperate because not only do you gain a friend that will feel a need to return the favor (read Robert Cialdini Influence for some insights into reciprocity) but you show that you can be trusted to become part of whatever group you are working with.

To further argue their point I think it’s amusing that economists or people who have studied economics are less prone to cooperate than those who have not studied economics or are economists! I found the source in a game theory book published by an economist and I will update the post with the book title and author.

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Incentives works extremely well in situations with clear steps and an obvious goal. Whereas when the goal is far away, and the task involves thinking and creativity incentives actually work in the opposite way!

Daniel Pink shows three things that humans need to work very well:
Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose

Social Scientists have known these for a long time, but, as Pink says, it’s probably the most neglected thing in social science by other people.

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