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As any revolutionary technology that vastly improves and disrupts current systems, Maglev has been around for awhile but has not utilized. It has some amazing potential and could completely change the way we do travel – allowing for extremely fast travel all around the world. Plus, the energy is renewable and efficient.

Though, because we keep asking what the price is rather than asking if we have the resources, we will probably not see it reach its full potential.


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in front of an audience of psychiatrists to whom he had been introduced as a “symbol of hope” [and] In answer to a question at the end of his 1996 Madrid lecture, he said, “To recover rationality after being irrational, to recover a normal life, is a great thing!” But then he paused, stepped back, and said in a far stronger, more assertive voice: “But maybe it is not such a great thing. Suppose you have an artist. He’s rational. But suppose he cannot paint. He can function normally. Is it really a cure? Is it really a salvation? …I feel I am not a good example of a person who recovered unless I can do some good work”

– John Nash (from his biography, A Beautiful Mind)


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