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If you’re like me, and want everything as similar as the original set up as possible, you might be looking for a way to run “Karel the Robot” on Ubuntu 9.10. Well here’s how you do it.

First, it should be mentioned that you won’t be running Stanford’s edition of Eclipse. The Stanford version was made in order to make it easier for first-time users. While I would prefer that, they didn’t make a version for Linux, but only for Mac and Windows. That means that you will be running normal eclipse. While there is enough buttons in Eclipse to freak out and leave the whole thing for another day, it’s quite easy to manage once you know what you are looking for; and that’s why this post is here.

I will tell you how to run Karel the Robot by downloading Eclipse from eclipse.org. If you are familiar with Ubuntu you know you can run the software center and type in Eclipse and download/install it through there. But a lot of my initial frustrations trying to run Karel was because I installed Eclipse through Ubuntu’s software center. It basically lacked all the plugins and packages required to run Java, and thus Karel (I have no idea how to add the stuff needed to it). It is much easier to just download Eclipse, already built with the stuff you need than to install everything separately. But if you know how to add the java plugins/packages to the Eclipse shell, please let me know by commenting!


Things you need to run Karel on Ubuntu:

  • Open JDK
  • Eclipse for Java EE Developers
  • “Assignment 1” bundle from Stanford

Open JDK

This is the open source version of Java runtime environment. To install it you can either install through Ubuntu’s Software Center or through the shell. To install through the Software Center:

  • Under the Applications menu on the desktop, pick Ubuntu Software Center
  • Search “OpenJDK”
  • Select and install “OpenJDK Java 6 Runtime”

To install through the shell:

  • Under the Applications menu on the desktop, go to Accessories and pick the Terminal.
  • On the command line, write: $ sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre

Eclipse IDE

To install Eclipse IDE:

Assignment 1
To download the assignment from the CS106A website:

  • Download the Zip file from their website by clicking here
  • Unpack it to somewhere you’ll remember

Starting Karel the Robot
Now that we got everything we need we are going to get Karel up and running!

First, open the Eclipse program. It will prompt you for a “workstation”, just accept it’s proposal. Then you are going to create a new project. Click “File”→”New Project”. Select “Java Project”, then click the “Next” button.

[Because I want people trying to put Karel up on Ubuntu be able to do so, please use the following guide until I get time to create everything on this one page. Guide to Karel on Ubuntu. Further help if needed can be found on course forums.]


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