Most are unaware of the state of our agricultural system. Those who know says it’s in a dire state, and are we to survive much longer we need to change the way we produce food. A solution has been found, called Permaculture.


The World is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
– Thomas Paine

This quote by Tom Paine encompasses everything that I want to be, but seldom is. I recently found out about the fact that you can become a world citizen; and even receive a world passport! The passport is accepted by most progressive countries; the few that refuse to recognize it are Canada, United States of America, New Zealand, and Switzerland.

I plan to get a passport, just to see what happens if I try to use it.

Programming Methodology: CS106A
Professor Mehran Sahami
Lectures: 28

Syllabus – Download
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How to install Karel and Eclipse on Ubuntu (linux) – Click!

Course Literature:

  • Karel the Robot Learns JavaDownload
  • The Art and Science of Java by Eric Roberts – Download (Prelimenary Draft, not latest edition)

I will update this post if I can find the ebook version of Eric Roberts book. If anyone else finds it, please share by submitting a comment!

Lecture 1

Transcript – Download HTML | PDF

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Lecture 2

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Programming Assignment 1 – Download

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Lecture 3

Transcript – Download HTML | PDF

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Lecture 4

After becoming increasingly interested in computer programming I decided to start looking for good introductions to computer science. I quickly found my way to Stanford University and their free courses. In the introduction to computer science they have three courses. They are

After watching the first video lecture of the Programming Methodology course, I become increasingly interested in the subject as well as impressed by Professor Mehran Sahami for his teaching style. I will put the course contents here as I go through it, to spread awareness of this great contribution by Standford to our world of free knowledge.

I will also update this post with more Computer Science Program courses from other universities if I happen to stumble across them, or they are mentioned to me. If you know any others, do share!

The latest rap battle Robert Foster has done. This time it is between Lord Monckton, the climate change sceptic, and Al Gore, the climate change champion. They discuss climate change in another creative creation by Robert Foster. This is my personal favorite.

Was some time ago, but amusing still. A very creative way of presenting news. This one is about Obama’s so-called peace prize given out by the Nobel prize comitee in Norway.

It’s “new” in that it’s a new way of presenting news. It’s rap presented in a very creative way. The first one is “NASA Bombs the Moon”. You think this sort of stuff is what you see in science fiction, until you read about it in the news..

The guy is brilliant. Very Shakesperian!