The Book of Expression

Earth, Europe, Sweden, City of Orebro
2015, 7th of September 08:22 PM

The nation of Sweden; I want to control subnational area in Sweden. The reaction from those who control/own/are in power of Sweden claimed was that this (wish to control a subnational area (I was referring to my home) was a very High-Sign of Aggression from my part.

That they claimed that this was a sign of aggression means that you cannot claim your own home as yours, and only yours. Even your home belongs to those who own/control/and are in power of Sweden. How you feel is your business or theirs if you ask them. What you do, is also up to you. I, on the other hand, have a desire to own something tangible in this world. But they claim that even with money you cannot truly own. So… how is it that they (the group who claims that this was a sign of aggression) can claim ownership anything and not me? What makes them the owners and not me? Even though most of the things is my birthright? They don’t know about the treaties, and signed deals made before I came here. It was to be an adventurous discovery. War? Not with anyone on Earth as far as I have understood it; plus, they are all on a lower plane than me and war is amongst themselves. Reach me to make war? I doubt it; not if I had the chance to live my own life without false imprisonment.

All I hear of when “sentient beings” are presented with the reality I speak of is that of shock and, they say.

I was given peace, and peace for me is first of all an independent life, just as I was given at birth. I never gave up any power over anything that belongs to me. I never have and why would I do such a thing? I won’t, and I haven’t. not even in sleep or in confusion. How can I say this? Because others believed it to be so and took the pencil and signed it for me? My spirits are more aware of the justice system and the depth of cosmos and are very deep in understanding of how things work when impossible errors occur. Impossible is still impossible but possible is possible when confusion is allowed to enter into a secret and forbidden domain. If I was never on Earth and an Earthling confused me with an Earthling, or whatever the confusion was about, then I am not to blame. And every time reality hits any sentient being about my innocence and purity they agree; innocent and not guilty. The impossible happened because someone abused authority and power in a reality that was not real but managed to convince someone and many others about a reality that was and is not real and somehow made one of my spirits react in a setting where (the only possibility that this is real is if.. (non-existent reality within the human population), and humans once again act out of ignorance, greed or some other of their personal vices, against intelligence and authority, against the system that they have accepted or go against. Against the cosmic system or no, it doesn’t matter. My point is inside what I said previously; though I can hardly come up with a conclusion as this is an on-going reality and an on going monoloug, dialoug, or multiloug if you wish it to be called anything.

I haven’t had it confirmed but I can try it out and see what happens. I have never met a being who is not ready to give up all of their freedoms to me. Perhaps there are such beings, I don’t know. Fully justified in my actions if they are mine and not someone elses; if you see stupidity it comes not from me but from someone else, how can I make such a claim? Because I don’t see how or why I would act or behave in a way that is stupid. If you say “he is stupid now, he is dumb”, then one of the many things that might be happening is that I am not aware of the situation as you are. When I become aware of something I cannot see, naturally I will act or behave differently, in a more intelligent way. I always move with intelligence, and survival instincts, but just like anyone might not be aware of everything that is happening at the same time. I don’t have what you call extensions, maybe I have something else.  Something you call a heart, maybe. That symbol for something you call close-relationship. Or, relationship, I might have something you call relationship, not an extension. Extensions sounds dangerous, it seems like this “extension” can be trapped by someone and made to do things that I don’t wish to do. I never created an extension, I haven’t learned to do this and I don’t even know if it is one of the things I can do. I know what I have done and not done. I can honestly say I haven’t really done anything. Somehow, the text is being written when I type. But true, it sort of means that I am the one who has authored this text. I put it in my name. My earthly name. or a name that is connected with my spirit which should reside in my body, had it not been pulled out with force and manipulated with violence and unlawful force. Against my will. Will refers to desire, or want. These can sometimes be felt or observed. It sounds special to humans for some reason, I haven’t figured out why.

Apparently I have a “human” body/being/spirit. That has been changed, manipulated, destroyed, and things.

What is a human, and so on. For some reason you can measure something you call height within the metric system. I am supposidely 188cm tall when I write this. This is “tall” for humans. I had no idea, I have never experienced my own height, or growing up either. It is not something I have felt, ever, because other spirits does not desire that I be left alone with these things. Because they instantly fear it and are threathened by it. It is dangerous for their own property, their own ownership, women, relationships and all other things. I am a treath, a big threat, or so they express themselves. If I have understood it correctly, I am the biggest treath on the planet, even though it was never my intention, or at least not to my awareness, to harm or devour other humans and their world. I enjoy a lot of things that other humans like when they notice this in me. I have never received a hug from someone, I don’t know what it means, or how I do it. It is something that is wrong for others because that means the one receiving my hug will like me, and wish to be with me. This is not good for her friend that wants to keep her for himself. I have never “kissed”, “held hands”, laughed, smiled, or any other thing that “normal” human beings experience in life. Why? Because no one will allow it. I have never experienced sleep, or dreams, or any other things that humans are given. They act in a way as to tell me it’s forbidden for you to experience these things because you grow and become stronger and better from them. And no one wants to you to be stronger, or better. “We want you weak” so that you cannot expand yourself wherever you please. They fear total expansion. Total freedom of expression and life. They fear life in me, they fear me being alive and being happy and those words put on people smiling and jumping and expression emotions that everyone likes and Sun comes out and warm energy is everywhere. And so on. They say, if YOU leave we will be happy. No one is loving because no one wants to feed me with love or positive energy. Only negative things, things that will kill you, slowly or quickly, no nurture for you in any way, no love, no warmth, no joy, no nothing.


Books to Read

Author: Robert Anton Wilson
Titles: No specific

For women: the speaker discuss P.M.S. and how its root causes.

As any revolutionary technology that vastly improves and disrupts current systems, Maglev has been around for awhile but has not utilized. It has some amazing potential and could completely change the way we do travel – allowing for extremely fast travel all around the world. Plus, the energy is renewable and efficient.

Though, because we keep asking what the price is rather than asking if we have the resources, we will probably not see it reach its full potential.

If you’re like me, and want everything as similar as the original set up as possible, you might be looking for a way to run “Karel the Robot” on Ubuntu 9.10. Well here’s how you do it.

First, it should be mentioned that you won’t be running Stanford’s edition of Eclipse. The Stanford version was made in order to make it easier for first-time users. While I would prefer that, they didn’t make a version for Linux, but only for Mac and Windows. That means that you will be running normal eclipse. While there is enough buttons in Eclipse to freak out and leave the whole thing for another day, it’s quite easy to manage once you know what you are looking for; and that’s why this post is here.

I will tell you how to run Karel the Robot by downloading Eclipse from eclipse.org. If you are familiar with Ubuntu you know you can run the software center and type in Eclipse and download/install it through there. But a lot of my initial frustrations trying to run Karel was because I installed Eclipse through Ubuntu’s software center. It basically lacked all the plugins and packages required to run Java, and thus Karel (I have no idea how to add the stuff needed to it). It is much easier to just download Eclipse, already built with the stuff you need than to install everything separately. But if you know how to add the java plugins/packages to the Eclipse shell, please let me know by commenting!


Things you need to run Karel on Ubuntu:

  • Open JDK
  • Eclipse for Java EE Developers
  • “Assignment 1” bundle from Stanford

Open JDK

This is the open source version of Java runtime environment. To install it you can either install through Ubuntu’s Software Center or through the shell. To install through the Software Center:

  • Under the Applications menu on the desktop, pick Ubuntu Software Center
  • Search “OpenJDK”
  • Select and install “OpenJDK Java 6 Runtime”

To install through the shell:

  • Under the Applications menu on the desktop, go to Accessories and pick the Terminal.
  • On the command line, write: $ sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre

Eclipse IDE

To install Eclipse IDE:

Assignment 1
To download the assignment from the CS106A website:

  • Download the Zip file from their website by clicking here
  • Unpack it to somewhere you’ll remember

Starting Karel the Robot
Now that we got everything we need we are going to get Karel up and running!

First, open the Eclipse program. It will prompt you for a “workstation”, just accept it’s proposal. Then you are going to create a new project. Click “File”→”New Project”. Select “Java Project”, then click the “Next” button.

[Because I want people trying to put Karel up on Ubuntu be able to do so, please use the following guide until I get time to create everything on this one page. Guide to Karel on Ubuntu. Further help if needed can be found on course forums.]

I read a very good book on how to form arguments and how to spot illogical ones. Anthony Weston is the author and the books is called A Rulebook For Arguments. It was well written and so easy to understand and to follow.

It talks about some common fallacies (errors in logic) used by people when arguing. It talks about how to spot such fallacies and how to structure an essay in the best way, logically and coherently. Talk about a book I needed to read! Now, all I need to do is practice.

A great read.